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About MrMauro

Cover Art Design


With over 10 years working in the Audiobook field, I have designed & produced a variety of dyanmic cover art for digital platforms. My work can be seen on iTunes, Amazon, Audible and TV shows such as CBS Sunday Morning.

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Lapel Pins


In 2018, I produced, designed & manufactured a curated collection of enamel pins called "The Coffin Couture Collection". 

Designed for the romantic, these pins utilize a non traditional size to highlight the artwork while providing dual use as a pin or brooch.

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Rocketeer digital Andy Warhol painting

Ranging from traditional to digital, my artwork has been featured in curated gallery shows for Creature Features, Gallery 1988, Saban, & Meltdown Comics.

I not only highlight the characteristics of each subject but try to illicit an emotional response through color, layout and texture.

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